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Friday, July 12, 2013

Anatomy Scan Update

Good morning everyone!
Yesterday's anatomy sonogram revealed NO ADDITIONAL ANOMALIES. Yay! Lenah is right on target for gestational age and the spot of fluid on her heart is almost gone. We are so very thankful for a good report. Also, the lady that did our sonogram was a complete answer to prayer. At our first sonogram the lady was very unprofessional and uncaring. She said some very upsetting things to us. I was dreading the possibility of facing her again as there are several technicians at the clinic and you never know who you will get. The lovely woman I met yesterday was so compassionate and loving. At the end of my appointment we hugged and she told me she would be praying for our family. Folks, that was almost as wonderful as learning Lenah has no other detectable defects. The Lord continues to show His great love and faithfulness to us. Thank you again for your love and prayers for all of us. We appreciate all of you walking with us through this journey.

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