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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Wednesday. December 4, 2013 Update

  Our current plans are to have Lenah brought by medical transport to my parents farmhouse in east Texas tomorrow.  I will go home this evening to finish packing everyone up. Please pray as there have been some slight difficulties with home health/home hospice administering certain medications to Lenah by IV instead of by mouth.  One of our doctors is advocating for us right now to try to get the best possible care for Lenah once we get her "home".  There are some questions as to exactly what insurance will and will not cover.   It seems as though certain things can only be done in a facility.  Going to a hospice facility would really be no different for us than being here in the hospital.  We need to be someplace where our children have free access to Lenah in a comfortable setting-  somewhere they can go outside and play for a bit and then come give her a kiss or a snuggle and then be on their way.  We need to be able to make our own meals and relax while we enjoy our last days with Lenah- however many we may have. 
  I am more than ready to take her home.  Tomorrow will hopefully be her last day in the hospital and her first day to ever be outside.

This was the last photo taken before Lenah was removed from the ventilator.
This was the next photo taken
 First bath by momma.

 Grandad Wray
Nana Copeland
Aunt Michelle
Grandad and Aunt Michelle


  1. What a Beautiful Child She looks So at PEACE. The Angels are watching Over her. I believe in Angels She looks so Happy being Held and Handled By her loved ones. It would Be so Great if the Doctors could be wrong and Miss Lenah was to come through all this Just to show them they don't Know everything. Enjoy every minute you can have take her home and LOVE her. I agree the children need to be with her. A Hospital is not a place to spend her final Days. May God Be willing and let her make it But Not to Suffer. God Love the Sweet baby.

  2. God bless you all!