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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturday, December 7, 2013 Update

  We arrived safe and sound here at the farmhouse Thursday night around 6:45. Our transport team was very kind and helpful. Lenah slept peacefully all the way here. The transport driver put together Lenah's pack and play for us. He told me that he doesn't yet have children, but that he wants to have children. I'm sure he will be a great dad someday. Papa had been looking at the instructions before we arrived , but I think it may have been hard to concentrate under the circumstances. I was completely unable to concentrate on putting it together as Lenah had started crying a little after we arrived and needed comforting. I was very thankful for the assistance.

The hospice personnel arrived a little while after we did. They were very compassionate and caring. There was a lot of paperwork to be completed. There were some details about what kind of IV fluid/nutrition she would be receiving here that were not what we were expecting. Thankfully, that was remedied Friday. We had to have special approval for the TPN. Also, one of our doctors at Texas Children's was extremely helpful in this process. The hospice coordinator commented that he he was very personable and had given direct contact information to her in case we needed any additional information and that she was somewhat surprised by that.

  I am thankful that we have had very caring people taking care of us at every juncture of this journey. They have helped make the this terrible situation bearable.

  I have to also tell you about another wonderful blessing we experienced during the last few days and the incredible timing of the Lord. James has been needing to replace our '97 Honda Civic for awhile now. I can't believe it is still making it on down the road. He had been researching gas efficient vehicles for commuting to work. Back when I was seven or eight months pregnant I had looked into buying a Toyota Sienna or something like it that would be able to be parked in hospital garage parking. The Sprinter van I drive is too tall to fit in any parking garage. I found out that there is an open parking lot across the street from the Pavillon for women at Texas children's hospital, so I did not need to find a replacement vehicle. During my looking at Toyota Sienna's I met a very kind salesman that very sincerely told me that he would be willing to help us find the best priced vehicle for our needs. On Wednesday morning when James and I spoke in the morning he said that he needed to find a new vehicle if he was going to have to drive to the farmhouse every weekend. I fished that salesman's card out of my wallet and gave James his contact information. James went to see him at lunchtime and by the time he got off of work, he had a brand new Toyota Prius at an amazing less-than-invoice price. Thursday afternoon I followed the medical transport ambulance in the Prius to the farmhouse. James brought the children up Friday night in the Sprinter van. Everything just fell into place perfectly. I am very thankful for these practical blessings we have received.


  1. Thanks for posting the pics...seeing the pictures of Lenah at the farm is so sweet. So much love to share! Praying God continues to bless you each with precious memories.

  2. Joel and I have been keeping a close eye on the updates. Thank you for them; we love hearing about Lenah and the family. I am so thankful as well for God's practical blessings. He certainly sees our every need. It's so nice to see the children holding Lenah in the comfort of an actual living room. We Love You All and we continue to pray over all of you. I can still feel Lenah's precious presence in my spirit. She is very special.