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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday, December 1, 2013 Update

  I know there are many of you that have been anxiously awaiting to know Lenah's status. I'm sorry, but I have been soaking up every precious moment with her. Also, I do not have my laptop here at the hospital with me currently. I will have to share all the wonderful photos with you all later, as they are trapped in  my camera for the moment. I am using James' laptop right now and am very unfamiliar with it but here are a couple of photos from this very moment.

  Sometimes, the Lord gives, and He gives, and He gives, before He takes away.  Lenah did miraculously well with having the ventilator removed.  She is still very sick, but she has decided to stick around for a while longer.  She is being weaned off of the milrinone that helps the squeeze of her heart.  She is also being weaned off of her sedation.  She is amazingly content.  She cries when she has gas or tummy pain and sometimes when she has a coughing or vomiting episode. And like all babies, she gets fussy when she gets tired.  I have stayed here at the hospital with her since she was taken off of the ventilator on Friday.  Our caregivers have been so very kind and accommodating to us.  We are ever so grateful. There have been some really amazing moments over the last couple of days, and I look forward to sharing them with you. I have been jotting down notes and trying to not miss anything.  I will likely not be posting much as I am still here at the hospital and have full access to love and cuddle Lenah.  We will be trying to get moved down to the 15th floor and then possibly to hospice or home.  We have not made any decisions about that yet and are taking things moment by moment for now. 
  Thank you for checking up on Lenah and thank you for continuing to pray for all of us. 


  1. So Glad she is doing well right now. Our God works in such a Mysterious way. God Love that Beautiful Little Girl. Cherish each minute and Hour God Gives you with her. Make God Work in His Mystery and let him Reach down and trust in His care. May he reach her and make her whole again.

  2. Saw Jamie today ..... I've known her and the girls and Margie for a long time....ironically I was in TCH from Oct 1 to Oct 11 with my 13 year old daughter while she battled acute liver failure from a prayers are with you and your family that God encloses you with his grace and protection and love.....