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Friday, August 15, 2014

August 15, 2014

I guess I'll start with the good news :
 Today James and I will be going to sign papers on the closing sale of our land in Angleton. We have made an offer on a townhome in Clear Lake and that purchase is set to close on the 5th of September. These two transactions are what I had asked for prayer about previously. There is a very interesting story about the timing of all this that I plan to share later.

 Now for the bad news. At my ultrasound appointment on Tuesday we learned that our sweet baby had passed away. It looked as though she was a girl. She passed around 15 1/2 weeks gestation. It also looks like she had the same syndrome as Lenah. Her heart was placed on the wrong side. Please pray for me. I will be staying with my dear midwife friend to try to induce labor naturally to complete this miscarriage this weekend. I want to avoid a trip to the hospital and we would like to be able to bury our baby next to her sister in our family cemetery. This would not be possible if I go to the hospital for an induction. Please pray that I do not have any complications.

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  1. So Sorry to hear about your baby passing away. Nothing worse than the Death of a Child. And yet one Who has been called Home before it has ever had a chance to even be delivered. And yet to have this one pass So Soon after your baby Lenah. My heart goes out to you, Sending Hugs and My Dearest Sympathy.