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Friday, August 30, 2013

August 30th Update

August 30th Update

Today I had an anatomy ultrasound done. Lenah is growing right on schedule and everything looks good besides her heart defect. Her weight is estimated at a smidge over 6lbs. She is also finally vertex/head-down, which tells me she is getting ready. She has been transverse or breech in all previous ultrasounds. It looks as though my c-section will be scheduled for September 23rd. So her birthday will be exactly two weeks after her big sister Sofia's unless Lenah decides to make her own unscheduled appearance.
I had a cardiology consult with one of the pediatric cardiac surgeons last Tuesday. I have heard all good things about him from many different sources. I liked him. He seemed a bit like the engineer-minded type of person. I think that is probably a very good thing for a cardiac surgeon. He said that all of the information that they have gathered from the fetal echocardiograms is very helpful but there is so much that they don't know until Lenah is out and on her own and they see how she does on her own and get measurements from a transthoracic (chest) echocardiogram. He said that her particular presentation could actually need a less complicated surgery than the open-heart Norwood procedure to start with, but we will not know everything we need to know until she gets here.
I find myself being far more concerned about the logistics and planning care for my older children and balancing that with time at the hospital with Lenah than I am about the “scary” life and death decisions. I absolutely hate the idea of leaving my sweet little baby by herself for even a moment- it makes me quite nauseous to even think about it. I can't really even wrap my head around it all. I am having trouble sleeping and I feel like I will never get everything done that I feel needs to be done in the next three weeks. I desperately need peace in this storm. Once again, I covet your prayers. I am sure that it is in part due to the prayers of our loving friends and family that have helped to sustain us through this time. Thank you all once again.

Lenah's mommy- Edie

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