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Monday, May 12, 2014

May 6, 2014

  The weather here has been just beautiful. Here is the view out my window.
We don't have internet service at the Lakehouse so I must go to the library or some other place to make posts or check e-mail. If you make a comment or send me a message, it might take me some time to reply.

I wish I had some before pictures of the inside of our living room. But here are the after pics.

 The Lakehouse is not yet purple, but will be soon enough. Anyone who knows me well knows that I love the color purple. I have always wanted to live in a purple house. And now we shall. We are adding a kitchen and dining room and turning the old kitchen into a larger bathroom and dressing room.
Here is a simple rendering of the current layout in blue and new addition in pink.

There are also lofts at both ends above the current kitchen/dining/bathroom area. They are the sleeping areas for the children.

We have had some difficulty confirming the mailing address here at the Lakehouse. Six or seven years ago we had some friends living here and they obtained an address from the county's 911 addressing service, but they didn't really use the address as they had a PO box in town. They were unsure of the address that was given. I have called the county's 911 addressing person 3 times and was sent to voice mail. I left a message the first time I called last week and no one has returned my call. I just decided to put the address that our friends believed to be the address that was given on our mailbox and go with that. Things are very different in rural areas than they were in the Houston area., I am finding more and more. I am debating about whether I should get a PO Box in town as well. I will have to mail some test mail to myself and see if it actually makes it's way here.

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