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Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday, October 4, 2013

  I spent the night here at the hospital on the 17th floor.  When I arrived at Lenah's bedside today her color seemed better to me.  She looks less jaundiced.

Heart rate- good
Blood pressure- good
Oxygenation- good
She is still on the ventilator
Urine output- good
Calcium still too high
Potassium still too low
Bili count very slightly higher, but had been trending down
ALT lower
AST higher
Still on antibiotics
Still on pain meds
No blood in stools
Abdomen measured 38 cm yesterday 37cm today.

She is still holding her own.  Please continue your prayers.

Her picture for the day

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  1. Our family of seven are praying for your beautiful girl and your family. God never makes mistakes - Lenah is perfectly and wonderfully made! The world became more beautiful, awesome and precious when she arrived. We are witness to a little miracle every second of the day. God created this beautiful soul - and he chose you both for her parents. God bless you all.