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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 Update

Today I arrived at the hospital around 3pm. There were a couple of wrecks on the Gulf freeway today in the rainy mess.  This was the view out of the window behind Lenah's crib.  You can see the Astrodome in the distance.
She was sleeping when I arrived.

Today was much like yesterday for Lenah.  Her belly was more bloated today though.  They are still waiting patiently for her to make a stool specimen for them to test.  She was having regular daily poo diapers until they decided they wanted to test one.  I think she may have test anxiety issues. Ha. She seemed happy to have me visit. She was smiling a bit here. Her liver specialist was back in town today, but was in surgery and I was unable to talk to her.  I will try to speak to her tomorrow and see what she thinks about the discussions the other doctors have been having.
She was smiling a bit here.
Thank you for checking up on Lenah and for praying!

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