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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday, October 13, 2013 Update

  Today was mostly uneventful for Lenah.  When I arrived here today I noticed right away that she is retaining fluid.  At first glance, she looked like she had gained some cute baby fluff.  But that's not really possible in 24 hours. There are so many possible reasons for this.  All of her medication is the same as yesterday. They reduced the flow of her ventilator from 25 to 24. She has not had anymore fluid drain from around her lungs, but still has chest tubes in.  Her heart rate and oxygenation are good.  Her blood pressure is reading a little low on her art line, but reads fine when they use a blood pressure cuff.
  Last night when the doctors did night shift rounds there was discussion about the chylous fluid that filled her pleural space and where it had originated from.  The Dr. on shift said that he (like James) thought that it had come up from the abdomen.  We may never know.  He also remarked that it is puzzling how through the NEC and pleural effusion her heart has continued to remain steady and perform well.  I am so thankful that it has continued to do well.  Now, if we can just get all of her other organs and systems to behave..... 

Here are her pictures from tonight:

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