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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thursday, October 10, 2013 Update

  Lenah is four weeks old today.  She seems to be doing much better today than yesterday.  Her overall color is better and she seems more peaceful.  She might be resting better because she received extra pain medication today when they put in a PICC line.  She did not seem to  have signs of infection in the fluid they removed from around her lungs. (We have not gotten the cultures back yet as they take time)  They are not really sure why the chyle fluid filled her pleural space. There are several possible causes.  Her bilirubin count and liver labs continue to improve even with the other issues going on. 
  Yesterday Edward made this adorable little hat for her.  He made it all by himself.  It took some trial and error, but he was able to figure it out without even using a pattern.

I am reluctant to share these photos as they are very difficult to look at even for me and I took them.  The first one was taken yesterday morning after they had put the chest tubes in to drain the fluid from her chest cavity.  Her eyes are open, but not because she was awake or aware.  She was heavily sedated with ketamine and her body wouldn't keep her eyes closed.  They put some eye moisturizing ointment in to keep her eyes from drying.

This picture is from this afternoon.

So, we continue to wait and to pray.  Her belly is still quite distended, but not as firm as it was.  Hopefully, she just needs time and prayer and she will get well.

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