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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday, October 16,2013 Post-Meeting Update.

  I am continually amazed at the goodness of the Lord.  It seems that once again Lenah has surprised her doctors.  They still believe that she has biliary atresia- that has not changed. But her bowels seem to be improving.  She has had two regular bowel movements today.  We were told today that NEC is kind of like getting a burn in the bowels. It can be minor, moderate, or severe like first, second, and third degree burns.  And the healing is similar in terms of level of damage and time of recovery.  At this time nothing surgical or otherwise needs to be done but to wait.  They are weaning her off of the ventilator and over the next few weeks will be watching and waiting to see if they can resume feeding her.  In the meantime, there is no rush to try to determine if she has BA or not.  I am still praying that she does not have it.
 We were told that if she has BA and does not have a successful Kasai or liver transplant we will have her with us for about a year until her liver fails and they will work towards getting her stable enough to come home and live out her time with us as a family.  Of course this is just an educated guess. And no one can determine the number of her days but the Lord.   It may seem that a year with our sweet baby is bad news to some, but when you have previously been told that your child will likely not survive the week, a year seems pretty great.  And again, we still don't conclusively know what is going on with all her internal organs.   I hope she and Jesus still have good surprises in store for us. A lot more was discussed during this meeting, but these are the key points of the conversation.
  I neglected to take her picture today as James took the children to visit Lenah instead of me and it slipped my mind with everything else going on.  I will be sure to get some good snapshots tomorrow.
Thank you for praying for all of us!

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