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Friday, November 1, 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013 Update

When I arrived at the hospital today Lenah was awake.

Then she got sleepy and went to sleep here. Yes, it's a video!  We're really getting hi-tech around here. It does have sound, too!  :)

And then she slept for the rest of my visit.

  Lenah is 7 weeks old today.  Yay, Lenah! Her belly is a bit bigger today even than yesterday.    She produced a smidge of watery stool last night.  It was not enough for them to do a test with.  So we are still waiting on Lenah to make poopies that they can test.  They plan to take her downstairs on Tuesday or Wednesday to do a lower GI study and possible an abdominal CT scan.  If she has a stricture or narrowing of her bowels, they will likely do a colostomy to repair this.
They reduced her ventilator setting to give her more breathing exercise.
 Thanks for visiting! And thank you for praying for Lenah!

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  1. I came across your blog and it brought back so many memories. I lost a child to HLHS over twenty years ago. She was beautiful, like your daughter. She made the first two surgeries, but died of sepsis at 17 mths. of age. Our kids were more of the experimental kids back in those days. I heard the procedure has a higher success rate now. I know of one guy that is doing very well (he is now 23 - was in the hospital with my daughter) and our pediatrician's son (who is 8) who is also doing well. I will certainly keep your daughter in my thoughts and prayers.