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Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday, November 1, 2013 Update

Sorry for the late update.  My internet service was down when I got home last night, so I just headed to bed instead.  Lenah had a very quiet day yesterday.  In fact, she slept during my entire visit right up until I packed up my things to go.  (I had been working on menu planning and grocery list) THEN she decided to wake up.  I left quite a bit later than usual last night.
Lenah's medications have stayed the same.  She had had a slightly irregular heartbeat show up.  About every tenth beat, her heart beats a little differently. There seems to be no concern about this at this time.  Lenah did make poopy last night and there was a bit of blood in it.  The doctor are trying to decide if they will do her lower gastric study next week or postpone it due to her still having blood in her stools.
  I have been waiting to say anything for a few days now, because I didn't want to dash anyone else's hope (along with my own), but the doctor's have now decided to treat Lenah's other conditions as if she does NOT have biliary atresia.  Now, there is no conclusive proof either way.  Without doing a cholangiogram, we have no idea if she has BA or not. BUT, because they saw a normal looking gall bladder in her ultrasound,  she still does not have white or light stools, ,and her liver labs have not continued to go up and up, they are now thinking that is is FAR less likely that she has BA. Previously, they were treating her as a terminal patient.  The plan was to basically make her comfortable and not try to cure any other acute problems. Just make her comfortable.  Now the plan has changed, they have decided to treat any other issues (the bowel problems) as though she does not have BA.  So that means that if her bowel were to become obstructed or perforate they will do surgery to correct.  And when they are able to do a lower GI study they will likely do surgery to repair any strictures or remove intestines with insufficient blood supply (ischemia).  This is amazing news and I am hopeful for Lenah's recovery.
  The Lord God almighty hears our prayers and petitions.  Thank you for praying for Lenah.

 Oh, and she IS growing.  Her weight is now 7lbs 7oz.


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