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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 Update

  Lenah had another good day today.  Her surgery will now be the first case of the day tomorrow unless someone else needs emergency surgery. So surgery is scheduled to begin somewhere around 9am. They will also be doing a liver biopsy tomorrow in addition to the cholangiogram, intestinal resection, and g-tube placement.  Tomorrow we will know conclusively if she has biliary atresia or not. I am believing that she does NOT have biliary atresia.  Please pray that all goes well during surgery tomorrow.  Baby F had some improvements today that surprised her doctors.  She is still not out of the woods.  She is still too unstable even for surgery to improve her situation.  Baby E is still hanging in there.  They are still in desperate need of prayer.  Lenah's pictures today did not turn out so well.  She looked much better in person than in the photos.

Thank you for checking in on Lenah.


  1. A facebook friend shared your story 3 weeks ago, and my family has been praying for all of you since. I am amazed at your diligence with the blog and continual high hopes. Please know that a mom, a teenager and a 2 two year old prayed for Baby Lenah and your family for her surgery tomorrow. Many Blessings and much love. Josephine

  2. Well did she get to have her surgery If so how is she doing. Hope all is OK.