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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Saturday, November 23, 2013 Update

  Today was sad but good.  We took all of the children to visit Lenah this evening.  Lenah looks like somebody told her the bad news.  Her coloring has worsened.  The children didn't seem to notice, thankfully.

 Sarah was so very excited to see her "Weenah".

Joseph was very excited to get to wear a doctor's mask.  And he still hopes that Lenah will get better.

 James was equally excited about his mask and he had to touch every bare part of Lenah. My Mr.Touchy-Feely.

   Our poor nurses struggled to not cry.  Those of you that know Edward, know that he is very protective of his brothers and sisters.  He also loves babies.  All babies.  But especially Lenah. Seeing him tenderly caress Lenah and grieve over her was almost too much to bear.

 Sofia was also very happy to see Lenah. She noticed that Lenah's nails need to be clipped.  She was afraid that Lenah might make a cut in her IV line.  I assured her that her nails were too soft to do that.

 Just as Sofia and I were about to go back downstairs to get Daddy for his turn to visit, Lenah started to wake up. James (Daddy) and Edward went up to see her.  She was VERY awake for them and just stared deeply into their eyes.  Edward said that when he looked in her eyes he knew that she was telling him "I love you".  I'm sure she was.

  After they had been upstairs for a bit, James came down and said to me, "You might want to come see her- she is REALLY awake"  I assured him that I have had plenty of wonderful awake times with her and that he should go enjoy her for as long as it lasted.  James said that she had looked at them very intensely and was very "there".  I'm so glad they had the opportunity to see her like that.  There is definitely something "other-worldly" about the way she stares into our eyes.  It is as though she sees everything about you.  She probably does.

Thank you for checking up on Lenah. And thank you for praying for all of us.

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  1. I will believe for a healing for Lenah until her last breath, I know God is able to rise up and bless you and your family with her healing. Praying for strength each day... You and Lenah have bless my life each day that I go to check on her.. Thank you for sharing with me and trusting that we as God people will continue to pray for you all...