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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Saturday, November 9, 2013 Update

 We were unable to go to the hospital today.  We had to catch around 80 ducks this morning to sell.  We also took the older children to the library.  Tomorrow is the twins 7th birthday and we had to do some preparations for that.  We called Lenah's nurse in the morning and she was resting well.

We called her nurse this evening and today was much the same as yesterday for Lenah.  I am not sure if they still plan to try to do her lower GI on Wednesday or if they are going to push it back again due to the bloody stools.  Lenah's belly is less bloated today and measures only 37 cm.  She is regulating her own body temperature well and they were able to turn off the overhead warmer.  She is enjoying being swaddled. I miss not being able to visit her today, but will definitely visit her tomorrow evening after the boys birthday party.  I do not have a picture from today so I will post some of my favorites from the past.

 These are from before her first open heart surgery.

This one is from October 8th.

Thanks for checking in and for praying for Lenah.

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