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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013 Update

  Today my mother went to visit Lenah in my place.  My throat was scratchy this morning and as the boys have had a cough for the past week, I decided it was best to forgo my visit until I was sure that I was not coming down with something.
 Lenah had her upper GI study today.  At 4:30pm the contrast had passed the duodenum and was somewhere in the jejunum.  I spoke to her nurse this evening and he did not have the final report of their findings.  I will find out in the morning what they found.  I also found out today that her bilirubin (both conjugated and unconjugated) and GGT counts have gone down from Monday's labs. This is very encouraging.  Her GGT was over 1100 on Monday (an all-time high) and that had me very concerned.  Today it was just over 800.  I did not write down the bili numbers, but they are down.  Hopefully, Monday's labs will be even better.  She had an echocardiogram today and the squeeze of her heart is good, but she has a mild leak of the tricuspid valve.  They are not concerned about it at this time, but are watching it.
  Please continue to pray for her.  Please pray that her liver and intestines continue to get better and that her tricuspid valve stops leaking.  God healed her pulmonary valve while she was in utero.  I know He can fix her tricuspid valve as well.

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