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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013 Update

 Today Lenah looked better to me.  She actually opened her eyes and looked around and at me and had a peaceful "awake" time.  She did not tolerate her feed very well overnight and so they will try to resume feeds Tuesday morning.  They also did a renal (kidney) ultrasound overnight and everything looks good with her kidneys.  They tried to remove the CPAP machine but her breathing seemed too labored without it even though her O2 stats stayed good.  They are tentatively scheduling her next week for liver testing depending on how things go for her this week.
Her trembling/shivering has stopped.  Her calcium was too high and they gave her something to balance that and seems to have done the trick. 
  I am hoping and praying that her bilirubin count gets better and that she starts feeding well and producing normal stools and that no further liver testing will need to be done.  Also, I would like to see her off of the CPAP machine.  It just looks so uncomfortable and she really hates it.

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