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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday September 25, 2013 Update

Today I arrived at the hospital around 2PM.  Lenah did not appear more yellow than yesterday, but also did not appear less yellow than yesterday.
- heart rate good
- blood pressure good
- oxygen good
- feeds increased to 9ml/hour
-she had a long calm awake period

Her bilirubin counts went down very slightly.  I am praying that as her feeds increase, her bilirubin count will decrease.  They have her tentatively scheduled for a liver biopsy and cholangiogram on Thursday, October 3, at 3 PM. Cholangiogram is an X-ray imagining study performed by a surgeon in the operating room to determine if there is blockage of bile flow in the ducts leaving the liver. I am still hoping and praying that she will not need these tests at all.  Her stools have continued to be normal.

Here is a picture from today. She looks really awful because the hat they have on her is very tight to hold the CPAP tubes in place and it squishes her face something terrible.  It makes her look a bit monstrous.  Her face is so squished she has a hard time opening her right eye. The tubes in her nose also push up on her nose as well. It must be very uncomfortable.

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