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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Sept 11th Update #2

Well, my doctor came to speak to me to let me know they have decided that it is best to deliver Lenah in the morning. The protein count in my sample was 292 which was just under the cut-off (300) for acceptable range. So I am not in grave danger at this time, but I am potentially close to developing additional problems if not delivered soon. I am more than a bit upset over this. I guess I was just really hoping to delay delivery a little longer. So.. at this time, I am scheduled for surgery at 7:30 AM. But it may be a little later as the OR has a very full schedule for tomorrow. I am very apprehensive about the epidural and surgery as many of you know. Please pray that the Lord would grant me His peace that passes all understanding as I feel myself in great need of peace at this time. On a happy note, our sweet baby will get to share her birthday with our wonderful friend Mr. Jose Diaz.

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