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Monday, September 23, 2013

Sunday. September 22, 2013 Evening Update

This evening two of the gastro docs came by to talk to me. They suspect that Lenah my have something called biliary atresia. This is most definitley NOT good news. They suspect it because her bilirubin count is too high and and they saw something suspicious on her abdominal ultrasound. They will probably wan to do a liver biopsy and/or an injected dye x-ray/radiograph of some sort. If she does have biliary atresia in the short time they do surgery to connect her intestines to her liver in the long term she will require liver transplant.  Obviously, I am hoping and desperately praying that Lenah does not have biliary atresia. They are also checking her thyroid function.
On a good note, they finally started feeding Lenah by feeding tube at 6pm. I hope that she will do well with feeding.
James came by the hospital to pick me up and visit Lenah.
Hopefully, tomorrow will bring better news.

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