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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday, September 21, 2013 Update

Well, little Lenah decided to act up a little bit today.  I left the hospital around 11pm last night and her O2 percentage had been staying a little low.  It continued to stay low and would drop even lower at times through the early morning hours. They decided to put her on the CPAP machine which gives her a constant pressurized air flow through her nose.  Her O2 has consistently stayed in the upper end of her good range since they put her on the CPAP.
  Her bilirubin levels have also been elevated so they ordered an abdominal ultrasound to check her liver.  I do not yet know the results of her ultrasound.
  She also has had a very slightly elevated temperature so they are ordering urine and blood cultures to check for any sort of infection.
 She is still having issues with her blood pressure staying too high.  They will probably have to increase her blood pressure lowering medication.
  She has another presentation that is concerning me.  She will have intermittent episodes where her her arms and legs draw up and she trembles or shivers.  This could be due to withdrawal of her pain medication.   It is at this time not a sign of anything serious, but will need to be investigated if it continues.

 These are the current prayer needs at this time.

I plan to spend the night here at the hospital tonight.  James and the children will pick me up sometime tomorrow evening.   

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