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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Surgery Day Journal

Lenah was taken back for surgery a few minutes after 7 am.
Surgical Update 9:50 am
They came out to let us know that line placement and anesthesia went well and they have begun the opening chest incision. They will give us another update in an hour or so.
Second surgical update 11:20 am

They have all lines and connectors readied to switch her over to the heart /lung bypass machine. Anesthesia and Respiratory are still pleased with her overall status. They will work on her actual heart momentarily. 
Third surgical update

At 1:35 they let us know that she was finally actually on the bypass machine and beginning actual work on her heart it took a little longer to get everything actually hooked up to the bypass machine than we thought. I didn't post at that time because there really wasn't much change from the second update.
Fourth Surgical Update 3:18

They have completed the Norwood procedure on her heart and soon the echocardiologist will be in to verify how things look. Her heart, although not connected to anything else, has already begun beating on its own which is a good sign. They will be placing all the monitoring lines and pacemaker lines in and after that will begin raising her body temperature and soon after remove her from the bypass machine. So far so good. Your prayers are effective!
Fifth Surgical Update 4:45

Lenah is now off of the bypass machine. The echo was good. They are checking for bleeding and will make a determination if they will close the chest or leave open for a day or so just in case they need to fix something or if there is too much bleeding. Our next update should be with her surgeon.
Sixth Surgical Update 6:00

She is completely closed up. They decided to go ahead and close her chest. The surgeon discovered some additional anomalies inside her heart that leads him to believe that Lenah has something called heterotaxy. They will be wanting to take a closer look at her spleen and intestines in the coming days. Inside her heart looks more like she had mirror images of a typical left side of the heart as opposed to having the distinctive differences that the left and right sides of the heart normally have. We will be able to see her in about an hour or so after she is settled in the CVICU. The next 48 hours are a very critical time period of watching for bleeding, abnormal heart rythyms, and adjusting medications. I will will try to give morning and evening updates and let you all know asap if her status changes. James and I are going to grab a bite to eat and then settle me in a Ronald McDonald room here at the hospital for me to be in overnight. Again and again, I can't thank you all enough for your prayers. The Lord granted us great peace throughout the day and I am so thankful for all of the concern and support of our friends and loved ones.

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