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Friday, September 27, 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lenah is two weeks old today!

Lenah had a rough morning.  Her calcium was too low and her phosphorus was too high.  We're still not sure why her electrolytes are not staying balanced. I arrived here at the hospital at 2PM. She was better as the day went on and has had a peaceful day all the time that I have been here. For today:
- her heart rate has been good
- blood pressure good
-Oxygen levels good
- respiration good
- bilirubin up from 11.3 to 11.4
- slightly lighter stool, then slightly darker
- feeds increased to 16ml/hour (full feeds)
- IV feeding stopped
- switched from donor milk to pregestimil
- performed her two week newborn screen

 She is scheduled for next Thursday at 3pm to have a liver biopsy and cholangiogram performed in the cardiac OR.  If it is found that she does indeed have biliary atresia they will go ahead and perform a surgical  modification to her liver at that time (Kasai procedure).  They are also checking her parathyroid and kidney function.  If she tolerates her new formula well, they will soon be switching her from IV heparin to oral aspirin therapy.  It is unlikely that they will remove the IV that is keeping us from being able to hold her as they are looking at possible surgery next week and want to keep that line in. 

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